Typewriter Art


Since discovering monsters in the attic I’ve become increasingly fascinated with typewriters and what you can do with them. You’d think that ‘writing’ and, erm, ‘writing’ would be the extent of it, wouldn’t you? But no, this picture was created using a typewriter by artist Paul  Smith, who died in 2007 at the age of 85.  Created using just a handful of characters–?…@ # $ % ^ &* ( )_ –these are fascinating images, made all the more remarkable when you learn that Smith was born with cerebral palsy and had very restricted movement in his arms. The mental calculations needed to create images like this one must be quite considerable so it comes as no surprise that Smith was also a great chess player.

Here’s a link to the Paul Smith Foundation gallery.

 The excellent Virtual Typewriter Museum has more on Typewriter Art, which it claims goes back as far as 1898. This example is from the 1920s by Pauline L. Hulvey: