Playhouse Build Gallery

I spent the summer of 2003 building a shed at the bottom of the garden to use as an office. Since that first effort I’ve thought a lot about building things with wood and it seems that after a while the urge to build more just gets too strong to resist. In 2007, with the ‘help’ of my daughter–then aged three–I built a bike shed extension to the main shed. She was almost as excited about it as I was, especially when it came to painting it blue, and by the time we had finished she was pestering me for a shed of her own.

It has taken two years to find the time and inclination to do it–it was nearly scuppered by a neck injury which has been bugging me for the past year or so–but I thought I’d share a few pictures of the build. Some of these were taken by the incumbent herself, a regular little Thoreau who says she likes having a place to think. Grown-ups are allowed inside on high days and holidays, but only if they leave their shoes on the mat.

Most of the wood is new, from a local merchant, Newlands, but quite a bit of it is reclaimed from scraps that have been lying around for a while. This caused a few problems as wet wood decided to uncurl in situ and it means the ply for the roof is not as tidy as it could be; I didn’t want to buy an entire sheet of ply just to cover a small space. Part of the plan was to build something that would serve as a store for garden furniture during the winter and outlast its life as a playhouse, so while the roof is low the door is disproportionately wide to allow large items to be kept inside. I’m pleased with the result. The problem now though is that we have run out of garden, so if in a year or two my thoughts turn once again to shed building, we’ll have to move house.

Update 20/05/10: Move to meant the slideshow stopped working. Replaced with a gallery.