Carousel Cover 16.1.18WebI’m excited to announce that my collaborative book with poet Rebecca Goss is available from Guillemot Press today. It’s in a limited edition of 200, and like all Guillemot books is beautifully made and presented. This project has been simmering for over eight years, and we are delighted with the way it turned out. You can buy the book from Guillemot Press here.

Rebecca and I will be launching the book at Liverpool’s OpenEye Gallery on December 6th at 6pm. The event will include readings from the book and from Guillemot poet Amy McCauley.

More information is on the Open Eye gallery website.



Tall Grasses at The Jupiter Project

The Jupiter Project is something I’ve been working on intermittently for quite a few years now with the poet Rebecca Goss; I take the pictures, she writes the words. This has never been a central project for either of us, but we are starting to gather a body of work now, and starting to think of where we might take it from here. With that in mind we’ve published our first 2017 post on the project website today. Click the image below to read the poem.

Tall Grasses

Ideas Lab, Open Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool. December 14, 2016, 4-7pm.

Read the poem “Combing” here.

A quick note to say that I’m going to be talking about my Jupiter Project collaboration with poet Rebecca Goss at an Ideas Lab at the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool on Wednesday 14 December 4pm – 7pm. It’s a free event, but booking is required (see below).

I will introduce The Jupiter Project and discuss the process of collaboration—what works for us and what doesn’t—and how it has changed the way I think about photography and writing; how they complement each other, but also their separate limitations and strengths. I’m going to be joined by Robert Sheppard, Professor of Poetry and Poetics at Edge Hill University, who will speak about the possibilities and potential of collaboration between photography and poetry.

To reserve your free place at Open Eye Gallery, call +44 (0)151 236 6768 or email

Caitlin and the Hens

Another quick post to say there’s a new poem and photo over at The Jupiter Project, my collaboration with poet Rebecca Goss. This one is called Caitlin and the Hens and although it has a comfortable, domestic setting, as with childhood itself there is a double-edged payoff.

The Jupiter Project


My photography/poetry collaboration with Rebecca Goss has come out of hibernation with a poem about caravans. Here it is at The Jupiter Project. Now to bring this blog out of hibernation as well.

To Cartwheel: New Poem and Photograph at the Jupiter Project

Jupiter Project

Poet Rebecca Goss and I have just added a new poem and photograph to our slow-burning collaboration, The Jupiter Project. We’re adding something new roughly every three weeks to a month and this one, which is called ‘To Cartwheel’, is a cheeky little number. As you can see from the picture above, the project is beginning to be something.

The Jupiter Project: Combing

Another new poem by Rebeccas Goss, and accompanying photo by me, over on the Jupiter Project. This one inspired by the dunes at Crosby, which have been reinforced with rubble from factories and other large buildings.

What I Like About A Courgette

What I Like About A Courgette

There’s an excellent new poem by Rebecca Goss, with an image by me over at the Jupiter Project. This one is about courgettes.

The Jupiter Project


Over the past year or so I’ve been collaborating with poet Rebecca Goss on a project bringing together poetry and photography. We’ve been sending each other work and responding to what we receive back. It’s been a fascinating and challenging experience. We plan to continue releasing a poem and an image every few weeks and eventually to produce a book. The twist, from my point of view, is that I restricted myself to using only the Jupiter 8 lens that came with the Zorki-4 rangefinder I started using last year. We’re calling it The Jupiter Project.