Dorothy Wordsworth’s 250th Birthday

The 25th of December, 2021 marks the 250th birthday of Dorothy Wordsworth, the sister, and longtime companion of the poet William Wordsworth. Dorothy was an important writer and thinker in her own right. But she never wrote for publication and has been to some extent overshadowed by her more famous brother. To celebrate Dorothy’s life Rydal Mount is making a series of short films, and this is the first. I’m very pleased to be involved in making them.

2 thoughts on “Dorothy Wordsworth’s 250th Birthday

  1. Thank you much, for posting this story and announcement. Congratulations on bringing sisters to the for. Thoreau’s sister Sophia needs to be given her coming out as well. I will propose this to the Thoreau Society (I’m a member of the board of directors.) Again… Kudos!


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