Thank You to Oxford World’s Classics

Moby-Dick 10.38.53One of the things I’ve liked most about working on Moby Dick on the Mersey is the way that everyone has rallied round to help out. Both major partners–Continuing Education at the University of Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool–have been very supportive, while our still-growing band of volunteers is turning out to be a brilliant bunch of people. We’ve tried as much as possible to do this using existing budgets and of course that has meant a great deal of unpaid work and generosity with time from a lot of people. But for some things we need outside help. Most recently I asked Oxford World’s Classics whether they could help out with some copies of Moby-Dick to use as ‘reading copies’ during the marathon, and they came through with an almost immediate “Yes”. This means that if you’re attending the event you’ll find copies of the novel available to follow along with the reading, while the timekeepers and helpers will have copies they can use to manage the event–it will be a big help. So thank you to Oxford World’s Classics and to everyone else working to make the weekend of May 4th-6th as good as it possibly could be.