Petition to Save the Futurist


The Futurist Cinema has featured here before. The old cinema on Lime Street was the first purpose-built cinema in Liverpool, and operated from 1912 until 1982. Since then it has been left to rot. Lesley Mulally is leading a campaign to save at least the facade of the building (the interior is probably beyond saving), and has a petition to sign to present to Liverpool City Council. Please sign it to save this important building.

One thought on “Petition to Save the Futurist

  1. The case for the building to be kept for its original purpose was lost decades ago.The retention
    of its frontage as,say,a ‘triumphal arch’/entrance to a group of buildings occupying a stretch of
    new buildings between the Crown and Vines might have merit,though in the present climate even may be too much to hope for.’The Futurist Project’ could be a good name for the overall project.
    if a ‘futurist-minded’ developer can be found to tackle it.They’re as scarce as rocking-horse shit.
    Fred O’Brien T0151-208 4039


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