European Beer Bloggers’ Conference, 2012

This weekend I’m going to be at the European Beer Bloggers’ Conference “EBBC12” in Leeds, and will be live blogging, tweeting, and generally making a nuisance of myself while I’m there. I’ll be sharing photos and flippant comments on Twitter at @Christopher_R using the hashtag #EBBC12, and I’ll be helping out @Baron_Orm with audio and photos over at the Ormskirk Baron blog. Mostly though, I’ll be learning about beer, and drinking some, in moderation of course.

Live Beer Blogging Session at EBBC12

Here at the conference it’s approaching 5pm and Saturday’s excellent talks are about to round off with live beer tasting and blogging session, tasting 10 beers in 50 minutes. No, we’re not drinking pints. This is a bit of an experiment, so the rest of this post might not last long.

Starting off with Leeds Brewery’s Hellfire, a 5.2% bitter.


Refreshing, dry, citrus flavours. Crisp beer that might be an alternative to lager with food. Discussion on the table is suggesting fish and chips as a good pairing. Good strong bitter finish.

Next is Otley Brewing Company’s Oxymoron, a 5.5% black IPA.


This is a very dark beer with a very pleasant coffee and chocolate smell. This one is cask conditioned, and the chocolate continues in the flavour, with a dry, roasted edge to it. Another dry finish.

Now comes Brains Dark, a 4.1% dark mild.


Quite a fruity smell, but the first impression of the taste is the carbonation, which is a little over done. Pleasant roasted fruit flavours, but light. Finish is a bit thin, but overall this is good, refreshing light mild.

Next is Marble Brewing’s Earl Grey IPA, a 6.8% beer, brewed with tea.


Quite a forceful smell of bergamot here from the Earl Grey tea added to the fermentation. This is a terrific, well balanced IPA, full of citrus, and floral flavours, with a dry tea-like finish. The tannin is surprisingly present in the the finish. This is a great beer, and the table of bloggers here agrees.

Our next beer is Rooster’s Brew Co.’s Baby Faced Assassin, a 6.1% IPA.


The brewer is making a big deal of the Yorkshire water in this beer, so maybe they should try a tea beer too, but this is very smooth, with lots of soft, sweet tropical fruit and orange. There’s a pleasant yeasty finish.

Next up is Great Heck Brewery’s Stormin’ Norman, a 6.5% golden ale.


Quite a faint fruity smell on this one, with citrus in the flavour, and a strong, bitter finish. It’s a refreshing beer, but I find this a bit heavy handed, a bit like Norman Schwartzkopt himself.

Next is a famous name, Slater’s Ales’ Top Totty, a 4% blonde beer which became notorious for its branding, and was banned from the House of Commons bar.


This is served cold here, which may be covering up a slightly dull flavour, but it’s a refreshing ale. A slightly yeasty smell, but this would be easy drinking on a hot day. Quite a bright, pale blonde ale, with a sharp, citrus finish.

Next is Camden Brewery’s USA Hells, a 4.6 % unfiltered lager.


The branding on this one is very good, and the beer itself has a clean, dry, crisp body, and a lovely sharp, refreshing finish. Lovely beer.

This live blogging is exhausting. Time for another beer.

This one is Adnams Ghost Ship, a 4.5% ale.


We’re being told this is dry hopped with Citra hops, and you can taste the citrus very clearly. A lovely bitter flavour, with tropical fruits, oranges and slight lemony notes. Finish is dry, but with the leftovers of the tropical flavours from the body.

Next is Innis and Gunn’s Scottich Pale Ale, a 7% pale ale. Brewed by Tennents, apparently.


You can smell the oak on this oak aged ale, and this is a smooth, banana-ry beer, with a slightly peppery, maybe even minty edge to it. Some people here don’t like it. They may be right.

So that was in interesting 50 minutes. It flew by. The whole thing was done with the iPad, including the photos. One thing about this weekend overall, is just how many iPads there are, and how well they work.