Lunchtime Literature Lectures in Liverpool 2010-2011

If you live or work in Liverpool and feel like spending your lunchtime doing something interesting, you could do worse than attend these lunchtime lectures at the University of Liverpool. They are organised (by me) through the Centre for Lifelong Learning, and cover a great range of topics, from Shakespeare, to crime fiction, and contemporary poetry. All the lectures are delivered at 126 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, opposite the Catholic Cathedral. They all start at 12.30 and are around 50 minutes long.

18 October, 2010: Nature and Rural Life in Contemporary Poetry. By Andy Jurgis.

Nature and rural life are again important themes in poetry following on from earlier poetic traditions. This lecture will include reference to major figures Seamus Heaney (Ireland) and Gillian Clarke (Wales) alongside key Scottish poets John Burnside and Kathleen Jamie. 15884 engl 942

19 January, 2011: Patrick O’Brian. By Mary Weston.

What can you do with Patrick O’Brian’s books but celebrate them? In this lunchtime lecture we’ll pull out some of the best passages from the series: Naval battles, natural history, espionage, love, and most of all friendship. 15885 engl 942

24 February, 2011: Environmental Writing Today:  Including Mark Cocker, Kathleen Jamie and Robert McFarlane. By Andy Jurgis.

There is a growing interest in developing the genre of environmental non-fiction. The lecture will include reference to the prose writings of poets Gillian Clarke and Kathleen Jamie, alongside the highly regarded nature writers Mark Cocker and Robert MacFarlane. 15886 engl 942

16 March, 2011: J.D. Salinger and the Catcher in the Rye. By Mary Weston.

Why do so many of us identify with Holden Caulfield? Are we all outsiders? Why do The Catcher in the Rye and the Glass family stories still speak to us, after half a century and more? 15887 engl 942

13 April, 2011: Shakespeare. By Esme Miskimmin. 15888 engl 942

4 May, 2011: Golden Age Crime Fiction. By Esme Miskimmin. 15889 engl 942

All lectures cost £8.

To book a place for any of these, or to see the range of courses on offer, visit

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