Robert Cain Goes To Vegas

Cains bottleBack in 2006 when I first met Sudarghara and Ajmail Dusanj at the Robert Cain brewery in Liverpool they expressed admiration for the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston, Mass., in particular for the way that small operation had managed to become internationally recognised. Then in March this year, after a tumultuous twelve months, they announced they were making a bid to become an exporter. And now comes the news that Cains is attending the National Beer Wholesalers’ Association convention in Las Vegas, with the aim of exporting Cains Export Lager to the United States. I hope they also take along a few copies of my book.

Read the press release here.

2 thoughts on “Robert Cain Goes To Vegas

  1. Sam Adams (Boston Lager – although it’s really an ale!) is one of my favourite beers and the vast majority of their seasonal brews are top notch too! Cains must be pretty confident that their lager is a great one – the US already has plenty of lager suppliers…


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