Shedworking and Weeds in the Vegetable Patch

I’ve just spent half an hour digging up an area of the garden where I’m planning to plant some peas and while I was doing it I caught up with BlogTalkRadio’s interview with Alex “Shedworking” Johnson. I’m an enthusiastic shedworker and it was great to hear Alex explaining the advantages of small garden buildings dedicated to work. He does a fine job of promoting shedworking as a way of life. I was particularly interested to hear him talking about ‘balance’ and how shedworking enables him to see more of his kids. Lots of people will identify with that. All the links are available here. Well worth a listen.

Elsewhere, the aforementioned garden features in a lovely, funny, touching piece on the Brocante Home blog: The Lady Who Thought She Was a Car.

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