The Reader Magazine Issue 33


The Reader magazine issue 33 arrived earlier this week and it looks like another good issue. I’m looking forward to sitting down with it over the next few days. You can download issue 32 for nothing from here. Here’s the blurb for 33:

The first issue of 2009 includes new poetry by David Constantine, Gary Allen, Andrew McNeillie and Angela Leighton.

There is new fiction from Clive Sinclair and the conclusion of Mary Weston’s three-part story, ‘The Junction’;

Camille Paglia‘s writes on the poems that did not make it into her collection Break, Blow, Burn;

Jonathan Bate gives us a wonderful extract from his new Shakespeare biography, Soul of the Age and we publish an exclusive piece from Rana Dasgupta’s forthcoming book, Solo;

Plus, there’s a host of interesting pieces for ‘Reading Lives’, with Barnsley poet Ian McMillan writing letters to his younger self, Marshall Brooks connecting reading with canoeing, and Sue McGuin suggests what to read in a remote African village.