Foxmarks for Safari (and Internet Explorer)

Over the last couple of years one of the things that has kept me a devotee of the Firefox web browser is the Foxmarks extension. This is an addon that enables you to synchronize bookmarks across different copies of Firefox on different platforms. There are three computers that I use regularly: a MacBook, a PC running Linux, and a PC running Windows XP in an office I share at the University of Liverpool. It is very useful indeed to have the exact same bookmarks on all of these machines. There are lots of other good reasons for using Firefox, but there are times on the Mac when Safari just works better. It’s definitely faster and is much better integrated with key Mac applications such as Scrivener. Safari is a fairly limited browser in terms of features though and up to now using it has also meant keeping track of bookmarks manually. No longer. Foxmarks is now available for Safari on the Mac, on the iPhone/iPod Touch, and for Internet Explorer. I haven’t yet tried it on IE7, but it appears to work perfectly in Safari. Get Foxmarks, for Firefox, Safari, and IE here.