Saving Bletchley Park Huts Campaign

The Shedworking blog is publicising the campaign to save the rapidly crumbling Bletchley Park huts. These were home to the most strategically important shedworkers in history: they cracked the codes used by the Germans during World War II and helped bring the war to its conclusion.

As we all know, the Bletchley Park huts are in considerable danger. Happily, campaigners are working hard to save these historic shedlike atmospheres. For more details, please go to Save Bletchley Park and the Saving Bletchley Park blog … [Link]

Edit 9 February 2009. Bletchley Park Hut 6 has been entered for the 2009 Shed of the Year competition. The entry on Readersheds is here. And it’s in a sorry state. A good showing during Shed Week, which begins on July 6th, might help save this historic hut.