Megan Abbott Interview at the Tainted Archive

Megan Abbott, the writer of Die A Little, one of my favourite crime novels of the last few years, is interviewed over at The Tainted Archive and talks about her new novel, Bury Me Deep, to be published in the US in July:

“It’s loosely based on a famous real-life 1930s tabloid case known as the Winnie Ruth Judd Trunk Murders. This lovely young woman is left by her husband in Phoenix, Arizona at the height of the Great Depression. Very naïve, very lonely, she falls in with these two pretty wild party girls in town. There’s a man involved, a charmer and one of the town’s big players. And things quickly turn very, very dark. I wanted to mix what might be kind of a classic Edith Wharton-style dilemma—a lonely woman slipping from propriety to decadence—with a pulp plot and style. Sort of knock those two sensibilities together and what happened.”

Here’s the link.

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