Until now I’ve managed to miss the fascinating and slightly spooky Evidence series at Readerville, which picks over ephemera that happens to be left behind: “shreds of evidence that at some time, in some place, someone was intently focused on, well, something, and a bit of correspondence or a faded photo is all the proof that remains of that convergence of energy, thought and attention.” There’s an open invitation to submit your own in the introduction, but for now, here’s Karen Templer’s recent strange contribution:

When we took possession of our house, there was a package on the kitchen counter—an old plastic Borders bag, the size of a single book, stuffed full. There was a square of paper scotch-taped to it, on which was written, “INFO LEFT BEHIND FROM FIRST OWNER, GLADIS.” It went into one of our boxes, and it was months before we slid the musty pile out of the bag to see what it was. [more]