Stanza Makes Wired's 'Best of' iPhone Apps for 2008

Stanza (iTunes Store) the application that turns the iPhone and iPod Touch into an excellent book reading device, has turned up at number 10 in Wired’s end of year roundup for iPhone applications (via Lifehacker). I’ve read several books this way so far and recommend the experience. It’s surprisingly comfortable and easy. It’s the time of year for rash predictions and for the record mine is that e-readers of one kind or another will be the big story in publishing this year. Dead tree books are not going away, but there is no longer any practical reason (other than price) not to read on an electronic device.

4 thoughts on “Stanza Makes Wired's 'Best of' iPhone Apps for 2008

  1. I heartily endorse this. I have Stanza on my iphone and it works brilliantly. So far I’ve read The Call of Cthulhu, the Tao Te Ching and half of the Divine Comedy with no side-effects.

    It’s also great for dipping in, without shelling out.


  2. Strewth, I had side effects from the Divine Comedy even on paper. The dipping in thing is right. I’ve been reading The Great Gatsby again over the holidays and I’ve had two copies on the go: dead tree for the armchair and iPod with Stanza for the inevitable hanging around outside Monsoon.


  3. Every time. And clearly there is still something flaky with the comments here. This has just shown up two days later. Normal service etc.


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