Cains Book in the Daily Post and Echo

Yesterday I went down to the Brewery Tap to meet with journalists and the Dusanj brothers to mark the publication of Cains: The Story of Liverpool in a Pint. The fact that the Dusanjs were there was surprising in itself as they have stayed away from the media since the Cains Beer Company went into administration in the summer, but they were also willing to pose for photographs and handed out bottles of beer. Let’s hope this is the start of their rehabilitation in the city. Mike Chapple has a good write-up in the Daily Post, where he focusses on the final chapter of the book, which deals with the summer’s events:

This crux period is documented in the revised final chapter, Full Circle, the title being just about the only thing that remains unchanged about it. Ultimately, it tells how the Dusanjs managed to negotiate a rescue deal with administrators – but without flinching from reflecting the criticism which has been subsequently aimed at the brothers themselves.

As it states: “The sheen had come off the previous six years of expansion and awards.”

The Echo‘s business correspondent Neil Hodgson also has a news piece today on the book launch, History of Cains goes into Print.

Download: Listen to me reading chapter one of the book. (via