Stories from the City

design by Eno.
design by Eno.

I have a piece on crime and Liverpool in Stories from the City, a collection of new writing about the city: past, present and future. My piece looks a the differences between gangsters and legitimate business and speculates about the causes of criminality in Liverpool.

Written, designed, edited and produced locally and independently, Stories from the City launches next week (on December 3rd) and will have its first 800 copies distributed free across Liverpool as a gift by its publishers, Redwood, for 2008. It includes writing by Shane Gladstone, Kath McKay, John Parker, Michael Sellars, Joe Shooman, George Skelly, THIS WIRED GOD, Kenn Taylor, Maxwell Turpin and Tony Walsh. And me.

Stories from the City is an antidote to the avalanche of self-congratulatory crap that the city has produced in its Capital of Culture year. The writers within are interested in the only questions that matter: how we got to be here, in this place, at this time, and what it means to be alive in this city on this earth. Read, think, support. Liverpool needs work like this; it always has and always will. That there are people willing, even eager, to take such risks is to be praised.”
Niall Griffiths, award-winning Liverpool-born author

“A great book and a celebration of Liverpool’s greatest natural asset, namely language. This city loves words – we cherish them like connoisseurs and spend them like drunken sailors.”
Paul Du Noyer, Associate Editor of The Word, former editor of Q and Mojo and author of Liverpool: Wondrous Place.

Redwood is a Liverpool-based printing services and creative solutions company. It is the one of only a handful of printers across the UK to hold full environmental accreditation for both FSC and PEFC. Redwood act as publisher for a small range of titles and limit themselves to publications raising social awareness or promoting the arts.

Stories from the City is an independent creative collective founded by journalists Kenn Taylor (Flux, NME, The Big Issue) and Shane Gladstone (Dazed and Confused, Clash, Mercy) to undertake an open-submission creative writing project about Liverpool for 2008.

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Stories from the City

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