Reader Magazine 32: Milton and Hammett

I received in the post this morning a copy of issue 32 of The Reader magazine. It’s always been good, but The Reader is going through a really great period at the moment. Not only is it attracting some big names–Andrew Motion, Adam Phillips, Marilynne Robinson and Ian McMillan in this issue for instance–but has work by lesser-known writers as well as reviews and recommendations. Its poetry selections are especially good.

The range of the magazine these days is also impressively wide. Angie Macmillan, one of the magazine’s founders, included a note with my copy saying “I love working on a mag that can accommodate Milton and Dashiell Hammett.” Amen to that. The Hammett, incidentally, comes in the form of an article by me on the Flitcraft Parable, and a piece by Fred Zackel on the writing of The Maltese Falcon; it’s been a pleasure working with Fred on this. I’ll be posting my Hammett article here soon. My Hammett article is right here.