Dusanj's Making a Comeback?

Neil Hodgson in the Liverpool Echo is reporting that the Dusanj brothers look likely to return to Cain’s brewery. A brewery so good they had to take it over twice. We should know for sure by next week, but this would be great news:

The Dusanj brothers are poised to sensationally regain control of Liverpool brewer Cains.

A possible deal could be clinched by the end of next week, the administrator in charge of the 158-year-old Toxteth company confirmed.

Here’s the link to the article.

2 thoughts on “Dusanj's Making a Comeback?

  1. Hi Jay

    I expect the administrators will have taken their conduct as directors into account in arranging the deal and as far as I know there has been no suggestion at all of wrongdoing or mismanagement. Mistakes were made, that’s for sure, but unless there is evidence of something more sinister it’s unfair (and maybe even unwise) to imply anything else.

    It is extraordinary that they have been given another chance, but based on what we know so far I think the reasons for the failure were pretty clear and straightforward. The whole affair is a disaster for many of the staff in the ex-Honeycombe pubs of course, but Honeycombe was on the rocks before the takeover. That’s why the smaller company (Cain’s) became the dominant one in the deal.

    Anyway, with a bit of luck I will get to talk to the Dusanjs in the next week or so and will ask them to expand on what happened.



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