Bids Coming in For Cain's

It seems while I’ve been away soaking up the weather in the Western Isles interest in buying Cain’s has been growing. Marston’s and the Dusanj brothers themselves seem to be in the running, but the latest is from Glasgow-based management group Marketing Management Services International (MMSI). MMSI bought the Arran Brewery in June and seem committed to running it as a local concern. There certainly seems to be a growing realisation even within larger groups that local brewing is important.

Oddly enough I visited the Arran Brewery last summer, just after finishing the Cain’s manuscript. It’s a much smaller operation than Cain’s of course, but the beer was great, even after being bounced around in the back of a hot car. The then owners were extremely admiring of the Dusanjs and their achievements with Cain’s.