Catching Up, Moving On

Siobhan and I sent off the manuscript for Key Ideas in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language earlier this week after an intense month of re-reading, revision, collation and correction. We’ve done very little else since early January so there is a lot of catching up to do, but there are also exciting new projects to begin. It’s never easy moving on from one big project to the next but this morning I began work on the first of the entries for 100 American Crime Writers. I’m not going to be writing them in alphabetical order, but for the record I made a start this morning on ‘Paul Auster’.

Also coming up is the Literary Art of Murder conference in April, and my piece on ‘Crime and Detective Fiction for Young Readers’ for the Blackwell Companion to Crime Fiction.

In case anyone is interested I am going to be writing the 100 American Crime Writers book using a very slick piece of software for writers called Scrivener. I started using it part of the way through the Cain’s book, but it seems even better suited to this kind of work. I am more impressed with it every day. If you do your writing on a Mac it’s a bargain and if you have to buy a Mac in order to try it, it’s still a bargain.