Cain's Book Update

I just heard from my editor at Liverpool University Press with the news that Roger Protz has read the manuscript of Cains: The Story of Liverpool in a Pint and has agreed to endorse it. Apparently he read it in one sitting, which is encouraging because that’s the kind of book I wanted to write. Roger Protz is one of the most influential and respected beer writers, so I am very pleased to have his approval. He’s the editor of the Good Beer Guide, writes for The Guardian, and is the Contributing Editor for Here’s his comment on the book:

A fascinating and exhilarating story of a great Liverpool institution still brewing great beer. Cain’s was founded by immigrants in the 19th century and rescued by the sons of immigrants in the 21st. Beer lovers will delight in the book, which should give pause to those who doubt that immigrants make a contribution to British society. — Roger Protz

Update, 16/11/2007: I have a piece about Victorian beer on the More Intelligent Life blog.

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