St James’s Cemetery, Liverpool

Back in the early part of the year I promised Mike Faulkner who runs the St James’s Cemetery website that I would write a piece about Robert Cain for him, to go with the biographies of other Liverpool notables he has listed there, including William Huskisson, Kitty Wilkinson, and William Brown. Last night I finally got around to doing it and Mike has posted it up there already. St. James’s was one of Liverpool’s most important burial grounds in the nineteenth century and is now a dramatic and atmospheric place tucked away beneath the bulk of the Anglican Cathedral. A former quarry, from which most of the stone for Liverpool’s early dock system was dug, the cemetery was accessed by tunnels during the Victorian era. Although no longer a working cemetery St. James’s Gardens is one of Liverpool’s treasures and is looked after by the Friends of St James’s Gardens.

I thoroughly recommend visiting Mike’s fascinating website, which is here. Read my piece on Robert Cain here.

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