Key Ideas Project Starting

Work for the Key Ideas book is starting to get underway now. The deadline for contributors to submit entries is 29 June but we’ve already begun to receive submissions. It feels a bit strange to be starting on this project before the Cain’s book is finished, but in many ways it’s good to be looking ahead. By the end of June the two should run quite easily alongside each other, but for the time being Key Ideas has to take second place while I complete my first draft.

Given the pressure on time it’s probably not ideal that I’ve just “discovered” an American crime writer called Megan Abbott. I read her first novel Die A Little (2005) last week and went straight out and bought her second, The Song is You (2007). It’s on the table in the house right now and having it there is like putting a chocolate cake in front of a 4 year-old and saying “Don’t touch!”

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