Cain’s: The Story of Liverpool in a Pint

I’ve just posted off contracts for a book about the local brewery here in Liverpool and its place in the history of the city. Robert Cain’s brewery (often known as Higson’s, because that’s who owned it for several decades) is a well-known local landmark, a striking building dating back to the 1880s. Its history, which begins in the 1850s, and the history of Liverpool are very closely tied together; from boom in the nineteenth century to bust in the twentieth and rebirth in the twenty-first. After years writing popular American history books and series, writing British history for a popular market is a new challenge. I’m going to be starting work on this in September and will post a project page then with more information. In the mean time, here’s the link to Cain’s and here’s the link to Liverpool University Press, the publisher. Added 2 October 2006: I still haven’t found time to make a project page for this book, but I have a couple of illustrated features on Cain’s and Liverpool pubs in the November 2006 issue of Lancashire Life magazine.